12 April 2012

Development Sentul city


The Company which operates its business in the real estate sector and focuses in developing an integrated Satellite City, comprises of Housing and commercial Resort areas presently known as Sentul City. The Company's operations started in September 1993. It was continued by housing and infrastructure development in January 1994. Sentul City's Development plan is devided into 3 (three) stages, where so far the recent project is at Stage I at 1,510 hectares in the Sentul Area at Bogor, West Java. The Company holds a site license for 3,100 hectares. Per December 2008, total land area purchased and acquired by the Company for development reached 2,796.16 hectares.

As a company aimed at developing an integrated satellite City of Housing and commercial Resort Areas, it has prepeared unique infrastructure and facilities to compliment & attract prospective customers :
  • South Toll Gate, directly accessible in and out from Kota Mandiri Sentul City. It is also directly accessible from the Jagorawi Toll Freeway, both from Jakarta and Bogor. In a short while 23,000 of Bogor's daily traffic commuters to Jakarta will have easier access through the Bogor Ring Road which started to be operated at the beginning of 2009.
  • The company has first-class macro strategic infrastructure, such as PDAM pipeline of Bogor Regency as the main drinking water facility to the Sentul City area that so far been supplied by Water Treatment Plant.
  • Sentul City  has become a recreation destination and settlement area with mountanious natural atmosphere with various advantages; such as 65% open green space, views of 5 mounts/hills, Gunung Pancar is protected 417 hectares of forest, clean air, low density population, natural waterfall as well as natural rice fields completed by sporting facilities, such as golf and  polo.
  • Other indication of developing  business prospects is from the increasing rate of total average visitors, especially those  coming to visit  some of the newest facilities such as Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) mostly used for musical concerts, conferences, regigious activities etc. On holidays and weekends there has been significant increase in the last 2 years. Total weekenders to the area is more than 100,000 visitors, indicating that the Sentul City area has become an alternative tourism destination in Jabodetabek.
In addition, the area of Sentul City has also added value for the residents, such as:
  • Contoured land area gives a natural beauty value for resident and the mountanious surroundings gives a sense of comfort and peace for residents.
  • Pollution-free area. Clean air quality is one of the advantages enjoyed by residents of Sentul City.
  • An area of 500 m  above sea level gives a guarantee of a flood-free zone for the Sentul City residents.
From total area of 2,796.16 hectares acquired by the company from totally 3,100 hectares site license, the company has developed 7,312 housing units , together with supporting facilities covering a total rea of 800 hectares. Therefore, there still a land bank of 1,900 hectares availabel to build and develop, either by Sentul City itself or by investor seeking to create a location functioning not only for housing settlements but also commercial areas, such as mall, hotel, business center, office bulding, hospital, schools, training center, etc.
In the next phase of development, the company will continuously cooperate with third party investors to develop and complete the Sentul City area varous supporting facilities especially in the tourism industry in Sentul City, such as:
  • Hotel & business facilities, as a place for visitor lodging seminar, workshop, etc.
  • Public facilities, such as hospital, clinics, restaurants, housing and luxury facilities for old people, or other undertakings by exploring advantages of the beautiful and comfortable natural surroundings, in Sentul City, such as the natural waterfall, hot springs & pine tree forests of Gunung Pancar, etc.
  • Facilities for education, office buildings, training centers, social and cultural activity centers.
  • Religious facility development, and improvements of those existing in Sentul City.

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